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Located on the corner of Church and Highett Streets, Citizens Oval is one of Richmond’s largest open spaces, the Turfcare team jumped at the opportunity to reconstruct such a prominent oval for the local community.
Closing such a popular sports ground for up to 6months was not a realistic option, working with the Yarra City Council it was decided the reconstruction process would be completed in 2-stages. This unusual methodology allowed half of the ground to be in use by the community while the other half was being renovated.
Positioned on a busy intersection a Traffic management plan was essential, works began in September 2019 for Stage 1 of the project. The existing surface was compacted and slow draining, Turfcare brought in the Power Harrows to break up the soil and relieve compaction, then incorporated amendments to utilise as much of the soil as possible. With the preliminary works complete it was time to install the subsurface drainage, and reinstate the irrigation system using the existing pipework and sprinkler heads.
The base was shaped and laser leveled to meet the new design contours, then the turf was ready to be installed on the first half of the oval.
Stage 1 was completed in November 2019 by laying 8000mts of Santa Ana, the turf was meticulously maintained over the next 6 weeks, in preparation to open for the next stage.
Stage 2 commenced in January 2020; this gave the new turf time to establish, allowing Stage 1 to be open for use while the works on Stage 2 commenced.
Following the same methodology, the surface was consolidated and prepared. The existing natural wicket table was extended and the installation of the coaches boxes was complete.
Once the final reshaping was finished, the Santa Ana turf was layed, using washed Santa Ana Couch on the turf wicket bench. The completion of the 2nd Stage was followed by an intensive 6-week maintenance period, ensuring both halves of the oval were in the best possible shape.

The team provided an exceptional result for the community and were able to keep the oval open consistently every day.


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