Turf spraying for durability and appeal

Properly timed turf spraying allows for efficient nutrient delivery, promoting vigorous turf growth and enhancing the overall quality of the playing surface. It is key to an effective turf maintenance regime.

Turfcare has a selection of turf spraying products to achieve the best results for your turf, ranging from bio-organic Hybrid-Ag fertilisers to herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and insecticides.

We can also conduct soil tests to determine which nutrients are lacking in your soil and customise a turf spraying and amendments program to boost the quality of your turf.

Turf spraying programs

At Turfcare, we can deliver fast and cost-effective turf spraying, covering up to 15 hectares in one day. We also offer tractor and tank spraying for up to eight hectares per day, along with backpack spraying for smaller areas. We’ve worked closely with schools, sporting clubs and local councils, delivering unique turf spraying products to treat several common problems.


Insects such as black beetle or couch fly can overrun your surfaces in a short amount of time. Our knowledgeable staff apply the appropriate insecticide at the first sign to get the problem quickly under control and avoid infestation.


Turfcare has a range of fungicides available. Depending on the type of disease identified, we can spray for preventative or curative applications.


There are many options when it comes to herbicide application, depending on the result you are looking for. We can spray out warm season grasses preparing your sports field surface for the next season, spray a growth regulator to control the spread and growth of grass or spray a selective herbicide to kill the weeds but keep your turf looking great.

We utilise certain equipment for fast, even distribution of chemicals and easy manoeuvrability for those hard-to-reach areas. For any other specific needs, we can assess whether back pack or tank spraying would be a better option. Talk to our experienced team and we can assess and recommend tailored turf spraying products and programs to suit your turf.

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