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Footy fields, cricket pitches, baseball fields…it’s our detailed and innovative sports turf maintenance services that keep our customers coming back.

Say goodbye to outdated techniques and hello to solutions tailored to your unique needs. From soil analysis to state-of-the-art irrigation systems, we continue to invest in processes and equipment to deliver world-class surfaces. 

Are you ready to take your sports turf to the next level? Say goodbye to ordinary maintenance routines and hello to a lush, vibrant field that sets the stage for unforgettable games and unbeatable performance.

We understand that your turf isn’t just grass. It’s where sports stars are made, where dreams are realised, and where memories are etched in the hearts of players and fans alike. That’s why we’re here to revolutionise the way you care for your turf, focusing on the transformative benefits that will elevate your entire sports experience.

Getting the most out of your turf

When it comes to commercial and sports turf maintenance, the team at Turfcare leads the way, using biological fertilisers and premium-quality turf products. Our qualified staff pride themselves on being innovative and operating with the latest technology, ensuring you get the most out of your turf. We can work with you to tailor a specific turf maintenance schedule, depending on your budget and the needs of your grounds. 

Over the years we have worked on sports turf maintenance projects for some of Geelong’s largest sporting precincts, including the Geelong International Baseball Precinct, along with council sports grounds and school ovals. We’ve since expanded to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane where we continue to deliver outstanding turf maintenance services for our customers.

Commercial turf maintenance

We work with local councils and private organisations, providing commercial turf management programs and machinery, including:

Metrac mowing (slopes mowing)

Our Metrac mower is a specialty mower designed to work on extreme hillsides, slopes and embankments of up to 40 degrees, such as Eastern Beach Hill.

Herbicide, pesticide and fungicide spraying

Turfcare use a specialised spray unit for turf applications, ensuring the job is completed quickly with minimal chemical waste. Built specifically for use on turf, the Toro Spray Unit can spray ovals in preparation for works or spray selective herbicides to remove weeds. This unit is ideal for roadside spraying or removing winter grasses or weeds from ovals.

Oversowing and seeding

Turf oversowing is important to thicken and enhance existing grass cover, and can also be strategically used for warm-season grasses during winter time. We have several options for the seasonal oversowing of your field. For example, our Speed Seeder creates dimples on the surface for the seed to fall into ensuring a stronger seed strike rate. There is also the option of the Aerovator with a seeding box attachment or pedestrian spreading depending on the needs of your surface.


The Earthquake is designed to slice the ground surface to a minimum cut depth of more than 17mm or seven inches, allowing nutrients to better penetrate the soil and improving drainage. This is ideal for rejuvenating heavy-wear areas by relieving soil compaction, improving aeration and removing surface water.

Turf aeration

Turfcare have a range of options when it comes to the aeration of turf. Our Toro Pro-Core quickly and efficiently punches holes in the surface, this allows water, seed and nutrients to more easily penetrate deeper into the soil. The Pro-Core can be used with hollow or solid tynes depending on the surface requirements and for the smaller areas Turfcare can offer a pedestian Toro Pro-Core. The team also have multiple Verti-Drain machines, offering deep-tine aeration.

Sports turf maintenance

At Turfcare, we have the cutting-edge technology for efficient and cost-effective sports turf management. This includes:

Cylinder mowing

Our cylinder mower rolls the grass as it cuts, providing a smooth finish and cutting couch grass down to 7-8 mm and up to 15 mm, producing less waste. Cylinder mowing reduces the need for cutting down to once per fortnight. This type of mowing is ideal for ball sports grounds and cricket wickets, allowing the ball to roll more evenly. See our cylinder mower make fast work of turf management for Deakin University’s Elite Sporting Complex.

Outfront mowing

Our outfront mowers have the ability to cut long grass quickly, between 45 minutes and one hour for a standard oval. The outfront mowers’ wings fold in, creating a smaller surface for those hard-to-reach areas, and getting through gates and around trees.


Top-dressing is an annual requirement for reserves and ovals to ensure the surface is level. We can apply any type of soil or sand to suit your needs and budget.

Oval scarifying / vacuum / blower

Turf scarifying removes the thatch in couch variety grasses, reducing thickness and making the ground smoother and more even. Our Turf Vacuum removes excess grass clippings or sand from the surface and can also remove debris or rubbish from the oval.

Scarifying cricket wickets

Often part of a wicket reconstruction, scarifying reinvigorates a natural cricket pitch after being covered for footy season. This is an important process when you make the transition from footy to cricket season, removing thatch from the wicket and allowing the cricket ball to bounce better and straighter.

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