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Turfcare has been constructing ovals since 2000. We’ve built cricket wickets and football fields, soccer pitches, multi-use school ovals and baseball fields. We undergo a comprehensive design and construction process, followed up by detailed turf maintenance services. That means, whether you need a newly built field or a renovation, we can deliver on all aspects from the earthmoving to the turf laying.

The process of oval construction requires a multi-faceted, tailored approach but can be broken up into stages. The first step involves removing the existing surface, shaping the soil base and installing irrigation and drainage. Followed by cartage of specified soil and laser levelling to get a perfectly flat surface, once the surface is prepared we are finally able to plant using either instant turf, seed or spriggs. The ground is then rolled and fertilised, with the site cleaned and ready for maintenance to begin.

The construction of a new sports field generally takes around 10 weeks from turning the first sod to laying the turf, and the new oval will be green and ready for use within a few months.

You can find some more information about the process below.

The sports field construction process explained

Constructing a new sports field is a meticulous process that blends turf grass science and a passion for excellence. It begins with diligent planning, where the site is carefully surveyed, considering factors like levels of sunlight, drainage, and accessibility. We’ve outlined next steps below.

Preliminary works

After assessing the site, our experienced team prepares the site for sports field construction. The process starts by removing existing infrastructure such as fencing, existing irrigation, goal posts and sleeves – anything that is not required during this process. Next, temporary fencing is installed to secure the site.


With top-quality machinery, including box rakes, power harrows, bobcats, excavators and graders, we perform all earthworks required during your project. This includes:

  1. Wicket removal (either concrete or turf);
    Removing the existing base and bringing in the required sand to form and consolidate the oval;
  2. Consolidating embankments and subgrade;
  3. Preparing subgrade, drains and open drains;
  4. Disposing surplus soil off site;
  5. Filling and final grading, including reinstating all disturbed areas as per specifications;
  6. Irrigation [link] and drainage [link] works.

Turfcare works to design specifications for irrigation and drainage. We have extensive experience and knowledge in the construction of lateral drains, collector drains, concrete spoon and swale drains and concrete perimeter drains. We can build drainage to meet project requirements and design, ensuring your new sports field thrives.

Turfing your new sports field

This next stage is where you will really see your new sports field start to take shape. We bring in new soil to suit the specifications selected by the engineering team for each field renovation or wicket reconstruction project. This soil is chosen based on pH levels and mineral compositions to suit the location and intended use.

Our team then laser level the new sports field surface in preparation for seed, turf spriggs or laying of turf. This is a specific process, where lasers are fitted to the machinery that then smooths the soil on the oval until the entire surface meets the appropriate level. Laser levelling ensures the surface levels conform to the specifications and complements the surface shape of the oval.

Moving on to the turf maintenance stage

Once your sports field turfing is complete, we will implement an effective turf maintenance and irrigation  regime to ensure your turf thrives. This includes watering, mowing, fertilising, herbicide and pesticide treatments and top-dressing using the specified sand. When delivering your continued turf management regime, we will also aerate the surface at the required time, vacuum, scarify and oversow using specified seed.

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