Sports Field Irrigation

Revolutionise play with cutting-edge sports field irrigation solutions

Sports field irrigation is the process of watering your sports field to maintain optimal turf health and playing conditions. We utilise specialised irrigation equipment and techniques to ensure water can be evenly distributed across the playing surface.

The goal? To efficiently distribute water, minimising wastage and maximising coverage.

Our irrigation systems are equipped with advanced sensors and controllers that ensure precise and efficient water distribution. No more overwatering and underwatering — our systems adapt to the specific needs of your sports field, resulting in healthier turf and optimal playing conditions. With minimal maintenance requirements, you can trust that your investment will continue to deliver superior results season after season.

Say goodbye to patchy, dry spots ruining the appearance and playability of your sports field. 

Our sports field irrigation services 

We can design, supply and install: 

  • Tanks
  • Pumps
  • Fully computer-controlled systems
  • System audits and repairs

Products we can install include:

Smart Sprinkler Systems

Our smart sprinkler systems take the guesswork out of irrigation. With features like weather-based scheduling and remote access via mobile app, you’ll have full control over your sports field’s watering schedule.

Drip Irrigation Solutions

Ideal for areas with restricted water access or sensitive turf conditions, drip irrigation solutions deliver water directly to the roots of your plants. Keep your sports field looking vibrant and healthy while conserving water resources.

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