Sports Field Drainage

Game-changing sports field drainage

Don’t let poor drainage hold your sports field back. Experience the difference that our state-of-the-art sports field drainage solutions can make for your facility. 

With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we’ll help you unlock the full potential of your sports field and elevate your game to new heights.

While sports turf irrigation is designed to put water on your field, drainage is the system that removes the excess water from the playing surface. It ensures optimal playing conditions by:

  • minimising damage caused by waterlogging
  • soil saturation
  • surface runoff

Effective drainage systems are essential for maintaining safe and playable sports fields, particularly in regions with heavy rainfall. Efficient sports field drainage systems allow return to play quicker and allows more useable hours for your field. The best time to install a sports field drainage system is before you have an issue with your field. For a standard football field, the installation of drainage itself typically takes a week with planning occurring months prior.

Had enough of water-logged fields? Let's talk drainage.

If soggy patches and mud is putting a damper on your game day experience, your sports field might need a new drainage solution. It can maximise playability, rain or shine. Our advanced drainage systems are engineered to swiftly and efficiently remove excess water from your sports field, ensuring consistent playability regardless of weather conditions. Our turf solutions keep your field dry and ready for action.

Investing in quality drainage pays dividends in the long run. Our drainage solutions minimise the risk of slips, falls and injuries by eliminating slippery surfaces and reducing the likelihood of uneven terrain. Our durable, low-maintenance systems are built to withstand the demands of continuous use, providing reliable performance season after season. With minimal upkeep required, you can focus on what matters most—enjoying the game.

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