Oversowing Services

Why you should oversow your turf

Have you ever heard the term oversowing but not really known what it meant? Well, turf oversowing is the easiest way to fill bare spots in your sports field, to improve your turf density, and enhance the colour of your field. In fact, it’s a bit of a secret weapon! If your existing field is patchy, sunburnt, damaged or dying, turf oversowing is the best way to repair your turf.

We provide oversowing for our customers as part of a detailed turf management regime. Our oversowing process uses a speed seeder to punch holes into the soil before planting seed directly into the hole. This direct method has a better strike rate than simply putting seed on top of the existing surface, meaning a higher percentage of grass will grow.

Our experienced team has worked with an extensive range of grass varieties and specialises in turf management for customers across Geelong, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Experience matters. Our years of expertise and passion for perfection positions us to be your trusted partner in turf transformation.

The benefits of oversowing in your sports field management program

After assessing the site, our experienced team prepares the site for oval construction. The process starts by removing existing infrastructure such as fencing, existing irrigation, goal posts & sleeves anything that is not required during this process, temporary fencing can then be installed to secure the site.

Uniform coverage

Say goodbye to bare spots and uneven growth. Turf oversowing ensures consistent coverage, giving your sports field a lush carpet from edge to edge.

Fast results

Tired of waiting for new grass to fill in? With turf oversowing, you’ll see noticeable improvement in weeks. Say hello to a healthier, fuller sports field in no time.

Budget practicalities

Times when the budget doesn’t allow for a full renovation or sod replacement, overdoing is a budget-friendly alternative that can still deliver premium results. Have a chat to our team to see if it is the right solutions for your sports field facility.

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