Churchill Reserve

Turfcare & Hire were awarded the Tender from Brimbank City Council to complete a full sportsground reconstruction of field number 3 at Churchill Reserve Oval in St Albans, Melbourne. The existing soccer ground was in poor condition, Turfcare and Hire welcomed the opportunity to improve the ground immensely and bring it up to the highest standard so local soccer clubs and the general public could make the most and enjoy this valued community asset.

Excavation works began in October 2015 and quickly discovered extensive rock base under the surface, discussions were held between Turfcare & Hire and Brimbank City Council to establish the best alternative and ways to work around the humongous rocks. As a result the original design and plans for the project were amended, and approx 350 tonnes of rock were removed from the base so works could continue.

To allow for 50mm drainage blanket, 1000 tonnes of aggregate was trucked in, irrigation lines were installed at this stage to be ready for the new irrigation valves and system down the track. Once our project manager, Travis, was happy with the base it was time to bring in the sand. Over 7 days, 121 trucks, brought in 4000 tonnes of Hillview sand, which was then spread, laser levelled and surveyed to ensure the base perfectly met the required designs and standards. When the base was ready to go, more than 15 tonnes of Organic fertiliser was spread in preparation to lay the turf. It took 16 people 5 full days to lay 8214m2 of washed Santa Ana turf – that’s a total of 1500m2 of turf laid per day! The new turf was allowed to settle in for 2 weeks with constant irrigation and supervision 5-6 times per day, once the turf began to establish it was oversewn with 300kg of mixed special order seed.

Turfcare and Hire are still maintaining the site, ensuring it is being irrigated twice a day. The sportsground reconstruction took less than 6 months to complete, the final result is an ‘AFL Industry Standard’ Accredited Ground ready for play in May 2016.