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Turfcare and Hire have a large wing Peruzzo Scarifier, covering a span of 5m this scarifier makes short of hard work, we also have multiple turf vacuums making cleanup a breeze. Our scarifying and turf vacuuming equipment is at the forefront of the industry, offering a faster and more cost-efficient process.

Depending on the usage and location of your oval scarifing/dethatching your grounds regularly provides huge benefits. The removal of the thatch and debris allows important nutrients to seep into the roots, resulting in a better quality surface and more growth.

Reducing thickness of couch grass

Couch grass can become quite thick. Scarifying helps thin the surface of the grass removing excess thatch and debris such as leaves or stones, allowing better nutrient and water absorption for a healthier surface.

We recommend turf scarifying for your couch grass at the start of every spring.

Please contact the team at Turfcare to set up a turf management schedule for your sports turf, cricket wicket or commercial turf.

We’ve worked with schools, local sporting clubs and municipal councils including the City of Greater Geelong, providing turf scarifying as part of ongoing maintenance or oval renovation projects.

Improving bounce in cricket wickets

We recommend scarifying your cricket wicket in the transition from footy to cricket season. Turf scarifying is an important process that removes thatch from the wicket for better bounce and ball roll in the pitch, all pitches need a bit of work once the cover comes off.


Turfcare has more than 15 years’ experience in specialised turf scarifying as part of cricket wicket reconstruction.


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