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Commercial and sports turf maintenance for Geelong, Melbourne and the Surf Coast

At Turfcare we have the experience and equipment to take care of sporting turf and commercial turf maintenance. We work with businesses, local councils and schools to deliver the best results for your turf all year round.

Our turf laying experts can assess your current surface and determine the best products and services to improve the overall turf growth and health, including turf spraying using bio-organic fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and more.

Sports turf management

From oval construction and renovation to cricket wicket reconstruction, we will have your sports turf looking great in no time. We take care of every piece of the project, from earthmoving, laser levelling, drainage and irrigation through to turf scarifying and ongoing sports turf management work.

Commercial turf maintenance

Turfcare know what it takes to keep your turf healthy. We can help you select the best turf varieties to suit sports grounds or commercial lawn installations and ensure your turf looks great and continues to thrive.

Our award-winning commercial turf maintenance team can also assess whether your surfaces require top-dressing, turf oversowing or other management and devise a customised program to suit your needs and budget.

Turf management equipment

When it comes to sports turf and commercial grass maintenance, Turfcare has the cutting-edge equipment to handle any job, from turf laying for local councils to oval renovations and wicket reconstruction.

Commercial Mowers
Turfcare have many options when it comes to mowing depending on the requirements of the surface and end goal for the area.
Our Cylinder mowers make quick work of big turf maintenance jobs, providing great results quickly. Our qualified turf managers are able to stripe up grounds for the extra effect to really showcase your turf.
Turfcare also offer Outfront mowing for efficient turf maintenance, the Toro Groundsmaster® provides excellent wingspan and is able to manoeuvre around obstacles with ease.

Metrac mower
Specifically designed to work on extreme hillsides, slopes and embankments of up to 40 degrees, the Metrac mower quickly and efficiently mows inclines that have been difficult in the past.

Toro Spray Unit
A leader in turf spraying, the Toro Multi Pro® is accurate, precise and OH&S safe. The vehicle is equipped with a shroud as well as positive displacement diaphragm pumped directly and proportionally to the speed of the vehicle, these feature along with a qualified operator allow safe spraying of the turf surface with minimal drift.

Turf Scarifying & Vacuuming
Seasonal turf scarifying is critical for the maintenance of a healthy surface, Turfcare have a variety of machines that able to be used for multiple turf management jobs, including vacuuming, dethatching, verticutting, scarifying or sweeping of both wickets & sportsgrounds.

Spreading & Topdressing
With a Custom-Built spreader Turfcare are able to spread specified sand or soil on the surface of your turf, levelling the area and encouring growth. We also have a range of smaller or larger spreader for fertiliser applications and can tailor to suit your access and turf requirements.

Verti-Drain & Coring
An effective machine for soil aeration, root management and soil decompaction, the Toro ProCore® uses tynes to break the surface. This allows oxygen and water to filtrate, stimulating root growth and greatly improving drainage. Another option Turfcare can offer with the efficient Toro ProCore® is the option of hollow or solid tynes depending on your desired result.

Providing a minimum cut depth of more than 17mm or seven inches, the Earthquake is designed to revitalise heavy-wear areas by relieving soil compaction, improving aeration and removing surface water.

Aeration is a critical factor in sports and commercial turf management. The Aerovator machine is perfect for releasing compacted soils, ensuring best results and greatly assisting root development, including absorption of water, nutrients and chemicals. There is also the option to oversow at the same time as using the Aerovator.

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