2. Turfcare Solutions White Is Your Sports Field Drainage Meeting Expectations?

Improve your drainage.

Improve your play.

If you feel like you have to call off more games than you hold, you’re not alone. Poor drainage is one of the most common problems we see on sports fields. 

If you’re utilisation is not where it should be at a time when you have an ever-growing demand for fields, it’s time to think about a renovation.

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Here's what you can expect:

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Improved user experience means happy community and happy stakeholders. No more negative feedback!

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Fewer games called off because of wet weather thanks to a healthier playing surface. Improved drainage creates optimal airflow and moisture levels, fostering a resilient playing surface.

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Increased playability! You’ll be back on field faster hosting training and matches as scheduled, maximising playing time throughout the year.

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Reduced maintenance costs. By fixing your drainage you are eliminating the need for quick fixes that see money going down the drain.

What are the signs your drainage
isn't working like it should?

Puddles & Ponding

After rainfall or irrigation, water remains stagnant on the field for extended periods, forming puddles – or even large ponds!

Slippery Surface

Even after moderate rain, the playing surface becomes soft and mushy underfoot, increasing risk of falls and injuries.  

Patchy Growth

Poor drainage leads to stressed and unhealthy turf, causing patchy growth and bare spots where the turf has died completely. 

Uneven Ground

Over time, a poorly drained field can develop uneven patches and depressions causing soil erosion and compaction.

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Increasing Community Satisfaction

We’ve just completed renovation works on this Sydney sports field, where drainage was a constant problem and usage was minimal during wet seasons. We are already seeing improvements in how the field is handling recent wet weather. 

What can you do to improve your drainage and increase your usage?

Every sports field is different, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution to drainage. But with a professional assessment and an understanding of your field profile, we can find the best long-term solution. That might include:

  • An overhaul of your drainage system
  • Upgrade of your exisiting system
  • Soil amendments
  • Improved field maintenance practices
  • Grading and levelling
Gladesville Reserve Drainage Works

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