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Geelong Region’s Leading Turf Management Company

Established in 2000, Turfcare and Hire is the Geelong region’s leading Turf Management company. Specialising in oval construction and sports turf maintenance, our Award winning team have been in the turf Industry for more than 20 years.
Turfcare has proven capabilities to provide knowledge on establishing and maintaining your sports turf surface to achieve the best results for your project.
Our professional staff are highly skilled backed up by a fleet of well-maintained, state-of-the-art equipment.



SEO Friendly Title: Geelong turf management services

Commercial and sports turf maintenance for Geelong, Melbourne and the Surf Coast

At Turfcare we have the experience and equipment to take care of sporting turf and commercial turf maintenance. We work with businesses, local councils and schools to deliver the best results for your turf all year round.

Our turf laying experts can assess your current surface and determine the best products and services to improve the overall turf growth and health, including turf spraying using bio-organic fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and more.

Sports turf management

From oval construction and renovation to cricket wicket reconstruction, we will have your sports turf looking great in no time. We take care of every piece of the project, from earthmoving, laser levelling, drainage and irrigation through to turf scarifying and ongoing sports turf management work.

Commercial turf maintenance

Turfcare know what it takes to keep your turf healthy. We can help you select the best turf varieties to suit sports grounds or commercial lawn installations and ensure your turf looks great and continues to thrive.

Our award-winning commercial turf maintenance team can also assess whether your surfaces require top-dressing, turf oversowing or other management and devise a customised program to suit your needs and budget.

Turf management equipment

When it comes to sports turf and commercial grass maintenance, Turfcare has the cutting-edge equipment to handle any job, from turf laying for local councils to oval renovations and wicket reconstruction.

Commercial Mowers
Turfcare have many options when it comes to mowing depending on the requirements of the surface and end goal for the area.
Our Cylinder mowers make quick work of big turf maintenance jobs, providing great results quickly. Our qualified turf managers are able to stripe up grounds for the extra effect to really showcase your turf.
Turfcare also offer Outfront mowing for efficient turf maintenance, the Toro Groundsmaster® provides excellent wingspan and is able to manoeuvre around obstacles with ease.

Metrac mower
Specifically designed to work on extreme hillsides, slopes and embankments of up to 40 degrees, the Metrac mower quickly and efficiently mows inclines that have been difficult in the past.

Toro Spray Unit
A leader in turf spraying, the Toro Multi Pro® is accurate, precise and OH&S safe. The vehicle is equipped with a shroud as well as positive displacement diaphragm pumped directly and proportionally to the speed of the vehicle, these feature along with a qualified operator allow safe spraying of the turf surface with minimal drift.

Turf Scarifying & Vacuuming
Seasonal turf scarifying is critical for the maintenance of a healthy surface, Turfcare have a variety of machines that able to be used for multiple turf management jobs, including vacuuming, dethatching, verticutting, scarifying or sweeping of both wickets & sportsgrounds.

Spreading & Topdressing
With a Custom-Built spreader Turfcare are able to spread specified sand or soil on the surface of your turf, levelling the area and encouring growth. We also have a range of smaller or larger spreader for fertiliser applications and can tailor to suit your access and turf requirements.

Verti-Drain & Coring
An effective machine for soil aeration, root management and soil decompaction, the Toro ProCore® uses tynes to break the surface. This allows oxygen and water to filtrate, stimulating root growth and greatly improving drainage. Another option Turfcare can offer with the efficient Toro ProCore® is the option of hollow or solid tynes depending on your desired result.

Providing a minimum cut depth of more than 17mm or seven inches, the Earthquake is designed to revitalise heavy-wear areas by relieving soil compaction, improving aeration and removing surface water.

Aeration is a critical factor in sports and commercial turf management. The Aerovator machine is perfect for releasing compacted soils, ensuring best results and greatly assisting root development, including absorption of water, nutrients and chemicals. There is also the option to oversow at the same time as using the Aerovator.


SEO Friendly Title: Commercial and sports turf maintenance clients

Turf management for Geelong, Melbourne and the Surf Coast

At Turfcare, we provide commercial lawn installation and contract sporting turf management services, including oval construction, turf spraying, wicket reconstruction and more.

We’ve worked with local councils, businesses, schools and private organisations across Geelong, the Surf Coast and Melbourne, delivering custom turf management and maintenance.

News & Projects

SEO Friendly Title: Turf management news & projects in Geelong

Turfcare are leading turf management experts across Geelong, the Surf Coast and Melbourne. With 20 years’ experience and equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, our team works with schools, businesses and local councils to deliver high-quality turf laying and ongoing turf maintenance work.

Commercial turf maintenance

With an arsenal of commercial grass maintenance equipment, we can handle any project from start to finish. Our team customises each step of the process, including:

Oval construction and wicket reconstruction

Turfcare specialises in oval constructions and renovations for school grounds and professional-grade sports clubs. We cover all parts of the process, from earthmoving to irrigation and turf oversowing.

We also perform cricket wicket reconstructions and turf scarifying to repair wickets at the end of the football season and prepare for the start of the cricket season.


SEO Friendly Title: About Geelong turf management services

What is Turfcare?

Turfcare is an award-winning professional turf management business offering services in turf layingoval constructionwicket reconstruction and turf maintenance, including mowing, turf spraying, irrigation and drainage. Our Geelong-based team is accessible and reliable, making Turfcare one of the biggest turf management sub-contractors in Victoria. We take pride in supporting local communities through sponsorship programs and being an industry leader in OH&S practices.

Sporting turf management

Servicing the Geelong and Surf Coast region and metropolitan Melbourne, Turfcare offers a specialised range of sports turf management services for sporting grounds, ovals or turf wickets.
With vast experience and a wealth of knowledge on best practices for turf and landscaping for sporting grounds and public open spaces, Turfcare has worked with dozens of sporting organisations, including high-end work for AFL grounds in Melbourne and Sydney, as well as working with municipal councils and corporations, schools and other sporting clubs to achieve the best quality outcome possible.

Commercial turf

With two decade’s experience in commercial lawn installation means the expert team at Turfcare has proven results when it comes to producing, renovating and maintaining high-quality public grass and open spaces.
We have a range of machinery for turf oversowing, top-dressing, turf scarifying and custom commercial grass maintenance programs.

Turf management equipment

Turfcare boasts a vast well-maintained fleet as well as the latest technology and turf management machinery, including mowers both cylinder and outfront, Metrac (slopes) mowers, multiple Deutz tractors, scarifyers, vacuums, Toro Multi Pro® and more, as well as highly experienced operators.

Occupational health and safety

Turfcare prides itself on using new and innovative practices, ensuring a safe work environment and providing our clients with the statutory requirements within the Act. Uploading each turf maintenance job onto our OH&S tablets, SWMS and other documentation is electronically completed by staff, delivering an efficient and easily accessible tool for both clients and staff.


SEO Friendly Title: Contact turf management team in Geelong

If you need professional turf management in Geelong, Melbourne or the Surf Coast, call the friendly experts at Turfcare. Our team can handle every aspect of your commercial turf and sports turf maintenance, including turf laying, top-dressing, turf spraying, oversowing and more.

We also specialise in oval construction and cricket wicket reconstruction for schools and sporting clubs.

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About: Awards

SEO Friendly Title: Award-winning commercial turf maintenance in Geelong

Turfcare have been rewarded for their excellence and commitment to high-quality commercial turf maintenance, being three-time winners at the Geelong Chamber of Commerce Business Awards.

We would like to thank our dedicated team and clients who are an integral part of our wins in the following categories:

We were also proud to be inducted into the Geelong Business Awards Hall of Fame in 2013.

Services: Maintenance

SEO Friendly Title: Turf management & maintenance in Geelong

With more than two decades working in the turf management industry, Turfcare is proud to showcase some of the newest industry tools and machinery. We can work with you to tailor a specific turf maintenance schedule, depending on your budget and the needs of your grounds.

When it comes to commercial and sports turf maintenance, the team at Turfcare leads the way, using biological fertilisers and premium-quality turf products. Our qualified staff pride themselves on being innovative and operating with the latest technology, ensuring you get the most out of your turf.

We have worked on sports turf maintenance projects for Geelong’s International Baseball Precinct and sports ovals throughout Melbourne, Geelong and the Surf Coast, as well as commercial grass maintenance for schools and councils.

Sports turf maintenance

At Turfcare we have the cutting-edge technology for efficient and cost-effective sports turf management, including:

Cylinder mowing

Our cylinder mower rolls the grass as it cuts, providing a smooth finish and cutting couch grass down to 7-8 mm and up to 15 mm, producing less waste. Cylinder mowing reduces the need for cutting down to once per fortnight. This type of mowing is ideal for ball sports grounds and cricket wickets, allowing the ball to roll more evenly. See our cylinder mower make fast work of turf management for Deakin University’s Elite Sporting Complex.

Outfront mowing

Our outfront mowers have the ability to cut long grass quickly, between 45 minutes and one hour for a standard oval. The outfront mowers’ wings fold in, creating a smaller surface for those hard-to-reach areas, and getting through gates and around trees.


Top-dressing is an annual requirement for reserves and ovals to ensure the surface is level. We can apply any type of soil or sand to suit your needs and budget.

Oval scarifying/vacuum/blower

Turf scarifying removes the thatch in couch variety grasses, reducing thickness and making the ground smoother and more even. Our Turf Vacuum removes excess grass clippings or sand from the surface and can also remove debris or rubbish from the oval.

Scarifying cricket wickets

Often part of a wicket reconstruction, scarifying reinvigorates a natural cricket pitch after being covered for footy season. This is an important process when you make the transition from footy to cricket season, removing thatch from the wicket and allowing the cricket ball to bounce better and straighter.

Commercial turf maintenance

We work with local councils and private organisations, providing commercial turf management programs and machinery, including:

Metrac mowing (slopes mowing)

Our Metrac mower is a specialty mower designed to work on extreme hillsides, slopes and embankments of up to 40 degrees, such as Eastern Beach Hill.

Herbicide, Pesticide and Fungicide Spraying

Turfcare use a specialised spray unit for turf applications, ensuring the job is completed quickly with minimal chemical waste. Built specifically for use on turf the Toro Spray Unit can spray ovals in preparation for works or spray selective herbicides to remove weeds. This unit is ideal for roadside spraying or removing winter grasses or weeds from ovals.

Oversowing and Seeding

Turf oversowing is important to thicken and enhance existing grass cover, and can also be strategically used for warm season grasses during winter time. Turfcare have many options when it comes to the seasonal oversowing of your field, our Speed Seeder creates dimples on the surface for the seed to fall into ensuring a stronger seed strike rate. There is also the option of the Aerovator with a seeding box attachment or pedestrian spreading depending on the needs of your surface.


The Earthquake is designed to slice the ground surface to a minimum cut depth of more than 17mm or seven inches, allowing nutrients to better penetrate the soil and improving drainage. This is ideal for rejuvenating heavy-wear areas by relieving soil compaction, improving aeration and removing surface water.

Turf Aeration

Turfcare have a range of options when it comes to the aeration of turf. Our Toro Pro-Core quickly and efficiently punches holes in the surface, this allows water, seed and nutrients to more easily penetrate deeper into the soil. The Pro-Core can be used with hollow or solid tynes depending on the surface requirements and for the smaller areas Turfcare can offer a pedestian Toro Pro-Core. The team also have multiple Verti-Drain machines, offering deep-tine aeration.

Services: Oval Construction & Renovation

SEO Friendly Title: Geelong oval construction & renovation

Turfcare has been constructing ovals since 2000, in this time we have constructed many cricket and football ovals, soccer pitches and school ovals. Oval construction is comprehensive task that involves many processes. At Turfcare, we can handle the entire oval construction or renovation, from preliminary work to earthmoving and turf laying.

The process of oval construction requires a multi-faceted, tailored approach but can be broken up into stages. The first step involves removing the existing surface, shaping the soil base and installing irrigation and drainage. Followed by cartage of specified soil and laser levelling to get a perfectly flat surface, once the surface is prepared we are finally able to plant using either instant turf, seed or spriggs. The ground is then rolled and fertilised, with the site cleaned and ready for maintenance to begin.

Oval construction generally takes around 10 weeks from turning the first sod to laying the turf, and the new oval will be green and ready for use within a few months.

Preliminary works

After assessing the site, our experienced team prepares the site for oval construction. The process starts by removing existing infrastructure such as fencing, existing irrigation, goal posts & sleeves anything that is not required during this process, temporary fencing can then be installed to secure the site.


With top-quality machinery including box rakes, power harrows, bobcats, excavators and graders, we can perform all earthworks throughout the project, including:

Irrigation and drainage

Turfcare works with the oval design specifications for irrigation and drainage. We have extensive experience and knowledge in the construction of lateral drains, collector drains, concrete spoon & swale drains and concrete perimeter drains. We are able to build drainage to meet project requirements and design, ensuring your oval thrives.

Grassing of oval

We bring in new soil to suit the specifications set by the engineers for each oval renovation or wicket reconstruction project. This soil is chosen based on pH levels and mineral compositions to suit the location and uses required for the oval.

Our team then laser levels the new oval surface in preparation for seed, turf spriggs or laying of turf. This is a specific process, where lasers are fitted to the machinery that then smooths the soil on the oval until the entire surface meets the appropriate level.  Laser levelling ensures the surface levels conform to the specifications and complements the surface shape of the oval.

Complete oval renovation

At Turfcare we have cutting-edge machinery, including the industry-leading Toro ProCore® and Toro Multi Pro® to make this often tricky process simple and cost-effective.

We also provide watering and turf maintenance, including mowing, fertilising, herbicide and pesticide treatments and top-dressing using the specified sand. We are also able to aerate the surface, vacuum and scarify and oversow using specified seed.

Turfcare has completed projects for schools and municipal councils, including the Howard Harmer Oval renovation in Barwon Heads and Grenville Oval construction in Torquay.

Services: Oversowing

SEO Friendly Title: Turf oversowing in Geelong

Turf oversowing is the easiest way to fill bare spots, improve turf density, establish improved grass varieties and enhance turf colour. At Geelong’s Turfcare we offer oversowing as an option for commercial turf and sports turf maintenance.

If your existing grass is patchy, sunburnt, damaged or dying, turf oversowing offers the best results for reinvigorated grass.

Turfcare’s oversowing process uses a speed seeder to punch holes into the dirt before planting seed directly into the hole. This direct method has a better strike rate than simply putting seed on top of the existing surface, meaning a higher percentage of grass will grow.

Our experienced team has worked with an extensive range of grass varieties and specialises in turf management for commercial lawn installation and oval renovations across Geelong, Melbourne, the Surf Coast and Bellarine Peninsula.

Services: Scarifying and Vacuuming

SEO Friendly Title: Geelong Turf Scarifying and Turf Vacuuming

Turfcare and Hire have a large wing Peruzzo Scarifier, covering a span of 5m this scarifier makes short of hard work, we also have multiple turf vacuums making cleanup a breeze. Our scarifying and turf vacuuming equipment is at the forefront of the industry, offering a faster and more cost-efficient process.

Depending on the usage and location of your oval scarifing/dethatching your grounds regularly provides huge benefits. The removal of the thatch and debris allows important nutrients to seep into the roots, resulting in a better quality surface and more growth.

Reducing thickness of couch grass

Couch grass can become quite thick. Scarifying helps thin the surface of the grass removing excess thatch and debris such as leaves or stones, allowing better nutrient and water absorption for a healthier surface.

We recommend turf scarifying for your couch grass at the start of every spring.

Please contact the team at Turfcare to set up a turf management schedule for your sports turf, cricket wicket or commercial turf.

We’ve worked with schools, local sporting clubs and municipal councils including the City of Greater Geelong, providing turf scarifying as part of ongoing maintenance or oval renovation projects.

Improving bounce in cricket wickets

We recommend scarifying your cricket wicket in the transition from footy to cricket season. Turf scarifying is an important process that removes thatch from the wicket for better bounce and ball roll in the pitch, all pitches need a bit of work once the cover comes off.


Turfcare has more than 15 years’ experience in specialised turf scarifying as part of cricket wicket reconstruction.


Services: Spraying

SEO Friendly Title: Turf spraying, Geelong

Turfcare has a selection of turf spraying products to achieve the best results for your turf, ranging from bio-organic Hybrid-Ag fertilisers to herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and instecticides.

We can also conduct soil tests to determine which nutrients are lacking in your soil and customise a turf spraying and amendments program to boost the quality of your turf.

Turf spraying programs in Geelong

At Turfcare we use the industry-leading Toro Multi Pro® for fast and cost-effective turf spraying, covering up to 15 hectares in one day. We also offer tractor and tank spraying for up to eight hectares per day, as well as backpack spraying for smaller areas.

We’ve worked closely with schools, sporting clubs and local councils, delivering unique turf spraying products to treat a variety of common problems.

Insecticide – insects such as black beetle or couch fly can overrun your surfaces in a very short amount of time, using our knowledgeable staff Turfcare are able to apply the appropriate insecticide at the first sign to get the problem quickly under control and avoid infestation.

Fungicide – Turfcare have a range of fungicides available, depending on the type of disease identified we can spray for preventative or curative applications.

Herbicide – there are many options when it comes to the result of herbicide application, depending on the result you are looking for. We are able to spraying out warm season grasses getting the surface ready for AFL, spray a growth regulator to control the spread and growth of grass or spray a selective herbicide to kill the weeds but keep the grass looking great.


We recommend using the Toro Multi Pro® for fast, even distribution of chemicals and easy manoeuvrability for those hard-to-reach areas, but can discuss other options to suit your specific needs, including back pack and tank spraying.

Talk to our experienced team and we can assess and recommend tailored turf spraying products and programs to suit your turf.

We specialise in commercial and sports turf maintenance for Geelong and surrounds, including top-dressing, turf laser levelling, oval construction and turf scarifying.

Services: Top dressing

SEO Friendly Title: Top Dressing Geelong

Top dressing for commercial turf and cricket wickets

Top dressing is an important of sportsground maintenance, the even spread of turf sand or loam assists in leveling sportground surfaces. Using our custom-built Hansa Spreader and 1m3 Loader this process has never been quicker or simpler!

Depending on the needs of the grounds, we can spread a sandy loam or turf sand as part of an annual commercial turf management program, leveling out the surface and promoting plant growth. Our experts will then smudge or broom the sand in, check out the video below.

If it is topdressing of just the wicket you are after, Turfcare has extensive experience in cricket wicket reconstruction, using specialty Merri Creek cricket soil to provide the perfect finish and bounce to the pitch.

Please contact us for more information about top dressing and other sporting turf maintenance, including turf spraying.



Services: Turf Laying & Sprigging

SEO Friendly Title: Geelong turf laying and sprigging

Turfcare offers instant turf laying and sprigging. We work with a variety of schools, local councils and commercial clients to find the best turf depending on their budget and the desired results.

Commercial lawn installation

At Turfcare we can provide both washed and unwashed turf, depending on the soil needs and budget for each turf laying project. We have a selection of high-quality turfing options to choose from. Our most popular include:

Santa Ana

Santa Ana instant turf is a great all-rounder, it has a fine leaf, is hard-wearing and drought tolerant, making it perfect for a wide variety of applications from professional-grade sports to commercial lawns. Santa Ana is a low-maintenance hardy lawn that has excellent self-repairing abilities, making ideal for high-traffic areas and sporting fields.


As one of the most drought-tolerant turfs available, Kikuyu is a popular choice for commercial lawn installations and sporting grounds. This hard-wearing warm season turf has high self-repair qualities and doesn’t require as much maintenance as other varieties, making it the first choice of many Councils and sporting clubs.

With close to two decades experience in turf laying, Turfcare can provide pH testing to ensure the correct the correct pH-balance in your soil to complement your chosen turf, as well as laser levelling, turf oversowing and other turf management.

Turf sprigging

Turf sprigging is a cost-effective alternative to turf laying, especially effective for oval renovations or cricket wicket reconstructions. We process a roll of turf through a sprigging machine, breaking down each leaf of the plant into a tiny leaf of grass. This is rolled into the oval surface and grows faster than traditional seed.

At Turfcare we can also help with ongoing sports turf maintenance, including turf spraying. Our team is happy to assess your surface and recommend the best products and services to improve your turf.

Please contact us to find out more.

Services: Wicket Reconstruction

SEO Friendly Title: Cricket wicket reconstruction in Geelong

Cricket wickets deteriorate over time, becoming more compacted and losing bounce. If your wicket is in need of a renovation, call the experts at Turfcare for fast and effective cricket wicket reconstruction. Our team has worked with schools and cricket clubs across the Surf Coast, Geelong and Melbourne, bringing cricket pitches back to optimum health and performance.

We recommend revamping your cricket wickets every few years to repair general wear and tear. The best time of year to do this is between the end of the football season and the start of the cricket season, as most pitches need a bit of tending after the cover comes off.

Turfcare have more than 20 years’ experience re-laying pitches with exclusive Merri Creek soil, compacting, rolling and scarifying cricket wickets.

Turf wicket reconstruction

The cricket wicket reconstruction process involves removing and excavating the existing wicket, which is then filled with soil and laser levelled before turf laying. This process generally takes about six weeks, and the ground is ready for use within a few months.

At Turfcare, we have the industry-leading machinery, top-quality products and services to get your wicket back to optimum health – from turf laying or sprigging to fertilising, turf spraying and turf scarifying.